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How much do the ensembles cost?

The fee depends on a number of factors, e.g. distance, time of year etc., if you wish to book the ensemble, please contact us for a quote.

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Can the ensemble perform a bespoke piece of music for us?

Yes. We would need to discuss this at least 6 weeks before your event, this allows us time to write and learn the bespoke piece of music and perform it to our high standards.

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What happens if my event is running late?

Most events rarely run on time, however, we are always ready to play at the agreed start time. If your event runs late, we cannot play past their contracted finish time unless agreed before date of your event with both the customer, Kent Brass and the venue. Kent Brass cannot accept any responsibility for the timings of the event out of their control.

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What if a musician gets sick/injured?

Every musician we use has a “dep” who can perform with the ensemble.

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How long do you play for?

Its up to you. We are able to tailor our performance times for your event.

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How far will the band travel?

Kent Brass travel all over the UK, and Worldwide.

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What happens in the event of rain if i've booked you to play outside?

Due to our music being paper and the damage that could happen to our instruments and equipment Kent Brass do not perform in the rain. It is your responsibility to provide adequate cover to cover the whole ensemble and a dry area for cases in the event of rain. If the Kent Brass performance has to be reduced due to adequate cover not being provided the full fee would still charged.

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Is it possible to come and see you before booking?

Due to the nature of our client base, most of our bookings are private. However, we occasionally play public events, so it is always worth asking us. If needed we can arrange for you to vue us while we rehearse.

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Do you have insurance against accidents and damage at venues?

Yes! We hold public liability insurance.

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How loud do you play?

The ensemble play throughout a full dynamic range but as professionals we can play as loudly or quietly as you like!. We would advise that even though the ensemble is able to keep the volume down, we are live Brass instruments so careful seat planning may be advisable.

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Will I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, a small deposit would be required upon signing of the booking contract.

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Do you supply all your own equipment?

Yes! We provide all instruments and music. However it is your responsibility to provide chairs and adequate cover from the rain.

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Do you have any specific requirements?

If we are required to be at a venue for more than 3 hours then soft refreshments are required. A safe lockable room must be provided for safe storage of equipment and personal belongings unless agreed before hand and documented in the contract.

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